Wraitheon is the Ghost-Type Eeveelution. It can be found roaming by Graveyards looking at its lost ancestors.


Wraitheons don't have much social contact with people or other pokemon, so not much is known about them.

Shyne is working on it right now though; she's using a special camera to take pictures of ghosts, and writing down their behavior!


  • Wraitheons are very rare to find in the wild.
  • People have disappeared near graveyards, and most people think it is Wraitheon's doing.
  • They're dark purple and black, with transparent eyes that glow during the night.
  • The above sentence has been confirmed by Shyne, 5.25.2014 5:30 PM.

Attacks Edit

  • Reflect
  • Dark Bast
  • Infect
  • Taliport
  • Quick attack