Shyne the Professor Helper.

Shyne is a young girl who helps Pokemon Professors finish the Pokedex, along with Red and Blue. Though she kind of goes on her own path.


Shyne really likes to help out; she has an unevolved Eevee with her, who's her best friend. Shyne really likes burritos, even though she doesn't look that much like a Mexican Person .


She shares a lot of physical traits with Lyra... I don't know why...

About Shimmer

Shimmer is a really cute SHINY Eevee who follows Shyne around everywhere she goes. She always dreamed of becoming an Espeon, though Shyne wants her to become a Shineon. Which one to choose!?!?

Shimmer's moves

Shimmer knows 4 moves; Tackle, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, and Tail Whip. She's almost level 4!