Luke, the 3rd in the Eevee Pack.

Luke is a Jolteon, and the 3rd in command in the Eevee Pack.


He's really fast, and loves to spend as little time on things as possible, and get as much work done in as possible. When he gets excited, he uses pin missiles in all directions, so it's hard to dodge. That can be a bit of the pain in the neck...

...Literally! His Pin Missile is REALLY SHARP!

And he does NOT like Marci saying him dying on New Super Mario Bros. is cool.


Tackle, Thunder Shock, Pin Missile, and Thunder Torpedo.

Mission Status:

He helped on all the Eevee Packs' Missions! He attacked Marci and Jake once, the first time they met him.


  • He hates Marci saying "Cool!" when he dies on New Super Mario Bros.