Jake is 2nd in command in the Eevee Pack, and a very skilled ninja. Because of his past, Jake knows alot about almost every single Eeveelution there is.


Tripe Sting, Poison Fang, Tackle, and Bug Buzz.


Jake usually stays calm and alert at all times. He can be a little reckless sometimes, especially when seeing a "bad guy"; he will jump right into action as soon as he has the chance. But other than that, he's pretty good at what he does; be a 2nd in command in the Eevee Pack, be a hero, and, a great friend.


First Jake was just a regular Eevee, walking down the streets searching for what to evolve into, with Marci. Then, he decided to become a Jolteon. So he went to find Thunder Stone dust, and they sure did. So he evolved into Jolteon, and then he got hit in the head with a bottle of Devolution Spray, a chemical that makes any Evolved Pokemon devolve. Once he was back to a normal Eevee, Kirby showed up and decided to help them find more Eeveelutions. That's when the whole Eevee Pack started. For a second he thought to be an Umbreon, but he changed his mind for a Vaporeon. They went into a Grocery Store and found Luke, a Jolteon who just recently evolved. He was with them for a while, after Kirby left, and then started randomly attacking Marci! Jake just couldn't stand it, so he started to fight back. After a long, long, battle, they stumbled upon what appeared to be a wild Leafeon. It got away several times, but they caught it in the end. After that, the Eevee Pack decided to go to the Nature Center, to find a Waspeon. They wandered around bumping into Eatieon several times, and then it happened. Another bottle of Devolution Spray hit Jake, and turned him into an Eevee! Again, he couldn't stand the embarresment of such a little guy, that he tried to use Water Gun, and..... I bet you know what happened. Then some other Waspeon came and attacked Eevee, so he fought back and won, and evolved into Waspeon! And that's how Jake became a Waspeon.


  • He really loves ninjas.
  • He has a huge hatred for evil, and will charge right into it, trying to kill and rip apart whatever he hates.