Eevee Pack 2

All 5 Main Members of the Eevee Pack!

The Eevee Pack is a group of the strongest Eeveelutions around. This group was founded by ???, and was made to protect the Pokemon World from dangers; like Eatieon.


The Eevee Pack goes on missions to save other Pokemon from evil villains, such as Eatieon.

The Eevee Pack consits of 5 main members:

Marci the SylveonEdit

Marci is the leader of this group, and you can look at her page here.

Jake the WaspeonEdit

Jake is the 2nd leader, 2nd in command, and very skilled. You can look at his page here.

Luke the JolteonEdit

Luke is the 3rd in command, a little bit selfish, and you can look at his page here.

Daniel the WraitheonEdit

Daniel is another 3rd in command, and likes to be the unbeatable one. Since he is the oldest, he can get a little bossy sometimes, even though Marci is the leader. You can look at his page here.

Scarlett the LeafeonEdit

Scarlett is a cute, funny Leafeon and 4th in command in the Eevee Pack. You can look at her page here.

Current Mission:Edit

The Eevee Pack is not currently on a mission.

However, they are trying to reunite with Marci and Scarlett, who got taken away by Tornadus' Tornado. (It didn't hurt)

Missions ListEdit

  1. Evolving Jake into Jolteon
  2. Helping Kirby return to Dreamland
  3. Collecting/Capturing all the Eeveelutions for their team
  4. Helping Vulpix find her mother, Ninetales.
  5. Defeating Eatieon
  6. Capturing Eatieon
  7. Reuniting with Marci and Scarlett
  8. Gathering as many FROOTIES candies as possible
  9. Defeating Clemson
  10. "BWAH!"-ing Clemson
  11. Reuniting with Marci and Scarlett.