Eevee is the whole reason this website exists! This amazing Pokemon's genetic code was mixed up and passed on for generations, which allows Eevee to evolve into 20 different other Eeveelutions!


Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand-Attack, Torpedo, Baby-Doll Eyes, Swift, Quick Attack, Bite, Refresh, Covet, Take Down, Charm, Baton Pass, Double-Edge, Last Resort, and Trump Card.


Eevees are a little bit, shy, some are rough, some are gentle and cute. Why, Eevees have a mixed-up personality as well as mixed-up DNA. You never know what to expect from an Eevee!

How To Evolve your Eevee

Eevee can evolve currently into 20 types of Eevees:

Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Waspeon, Toxieon, Crysteon, Cloudeon, Boxion, Shineon, Concreon, Soileon, Tunieon, Wizeon, and Wraitheon.

Name Type How To Evolve Other Evolving Way Strength
Jolteon Lightning Thunder Stone N/A 3
Flareon Fire Fire Stone N/A 3
Vaporeon Water Water Stone N/A 3
Espeon Psychic Lvl-Up happily at day Dawn Stone 3
Umbreon Darkness Lvl-Up happily at night Moon Stone 3.5
Glaceon Ice Lvl-Up near snow N/A 3
Leafeon Grass Lvl-Up near moss N/A


Sylveon Fairy Lvl-Up with full Pokemonamie stats, knowing a fairy move Fairy Stone 4
Waspeon Bug Lvl-Up in damp forest Defeat other Waspeon 4
Toxieon Poison Lvl-Up in toxic area Be poisoned for 3 days 3.7
Crysteon Crystal Lvl-Up in Crystal Mine Say "evolve crystal evolve" to Crystal Heart 5
Cloudeon Flying Fly a mile Defeat 20 Flying Types 3.9
Boxion Fighting ??? ??? 4.2
Shineon Light Sun Stone N/A 3.8
Concreon Rock Bathe in sand N/A 3.8
Soileon Ground Lvl-Up underground N/A 3.9
Tunieon Sound Ring Tune Bell Play Tune Flute 4.4
Wizeon Magic ??? ??? 0 - 5
Wraitheon Ghost Dusk Stone ??? 4.1


Go play Eevee's Tile Trial on the Official Pokemon Website! Here's a link!


Eevees are very rare Pokemon- They can only be found on Route 10 in the Kalos Region, and in the Pokemon Mansion in the Sinnoh Region. Bill, the inventor of the PC (Pokemon Communication), owns an Eevee that he uses for all sorts of things.

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