Concreon is the Rock-Type Eevee evolution. Evolve Eevee into Steeleon by leveling up in caves/mountains, starting at level 25.

Moves and battling style Edit

Stone Edge, Swift, Stealth Rock, Accelerock, Quick Attack, Head Smash, Harden, Rock Polish.

Concreon has a quite bulky Defence and Attack stat and his secret ace is his speed and endurance.

Personality Edit

Despite their hard appearance, Concreons are friendly and affectionate eveelutions. Unlike many Rock-type pokemon, Concreon is surprisingly fast, having learned to be very fast, living on the rocky mountains and climb them with excellent Accuracy.

It is said that the first evee evolving into Concreon, was In the presence of Rockruffs and Lycanrocks. Likely to have trained with them for a very long time. Though how it happened no one knows. Study shows that this eveelution has the least amount of numbers. Only 5 Concreons were ever discovered. And none of them were ever caught. Even if they arent found much, they are said to help out Hikers/rock climbers find their way when they are lost or in danger. They have never come of as shy, to those who have seen one of them.